-Natural & Built Environment

Our well regarded resource management team provides advice on a range of policy, consenting and compliance issues under the Resource Management Act 1991, the Natural and Built Environment Act 2023, and related legislation.

We assist local authorities and private clients (individual, developer and corporate) with projects and developments, including urban development, infrastructure, water, commercial development, agriculture, freshwater, and climate change. Our team of specialists provide legal advice and advocacy on resource management issues, from initial questions, through to various applications, through mediation, Court and appeal related processes.

  • Building Act Issues
  • Coastal Development
  • Designations
  • Enforcement and Compliance
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Prosecutions
  • Forestry
  • Freshwater Management


  • Infrastructure
  • Judicial Review
  • Land Contamination
  • Plan Changes



  • Resource Consents
  • Resource Management Act (RMA) matters
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Water Allocation

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